We almost got eaten alive by flies, though. xD

I had a few bites on my line, but I didnt actually catch anything. ;u;

It occured to me today on the way to the lake that its been a year since Hatena closed. Kind of funny when I think about it, because I watched two of the last flipnotes I saved the night it shut down. Two of Meadowstars. uvu

I remember last year how I was at the library, on Haiku actually, and I couldnt get on the wifi to use Hatena, aha. I got home and dad was just like oh yeah hey were going to the summer home tonight out of nowhere and I liked died a little inside. xD 

He tried to convince me to go, saying I could use my DSi on the way down and the next morning wed launch these model rockets we have and all, but I didnt end up going. ;u; I ended up staying home, on Hatena until eleven that night. 

... Its almost eleven now. Ten thirty eight. This time last year I was probably frantically trying to save as many of this one flipnote series as possible. 

I cant think of anything else to write. //dies

I might sleep in my dads room tonight, he said it was fine as long as I made the bed in the morning. xD Hes down at the summer home tonight, so its just my mum, sister and I. uvu

Its ten forty seven, I should go. ;u;

Bye guys! owo